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Welcome to the Methodist Boys' High School Alumni Association Texas. We are so glad that you have taken time to stop by. We are striving to have you as our life-time partner, and friend supporting our cause to rebuild our alma mater, the MBHS, Sierra Leone.

Our Mission

To preserve the interests of the alma mater and officials, through financial and moral support to improve the school’s academic, social and cultural standing. To keep past pupils of the school in active contact with each other for the continuation and promotion of the high ideals of the alma mater. To develop a community of well-wishers to support our cause for the welfare of our alma mater and that of our country, Sierra Leone.

President’s Message


Fellow Alumni and Friends of the Methodist Boys’ High School Alumni Association Texas. I’m excited to welcome you to our website. So much has been happening within the MBHSAA-TEXAS FAMILY. Our fraternity is growing stronger and we are working much closer in cohesiveness. Only with solid brotherly bonds, commitment, and the desire to succeed as a team, will our common objective be achieved – rebuilding our alma mater.

I sensed the vivid memories of yester-years as a young teenage student at the MBHS, Sierra Leone. Memories of old boys and girls who did everything within their reach to maintain the MBHS, Sierra Leone to a higher standard of Secondary education.  Let these noblemen of our nursery inspire us, zap some energy from them. Let’s double our efforts in giving back to the MBHS, Sierra Leone. These are crucial times in the history of our beloved Methodist Boys’ High School; our school buildings were erected in the 1960s; very little renovations have been done.

To our friends of the MBHS Alumni Association Texas, your continued prayers, utilizing your precious time to attend our events means the world to us; you bolster us to do more –THANK YOU FOR BEING A TRUE FRIEND!!

I want to challenge you to thank the Father for all you have been given. I want to challenge you to give back from the abundance that the Father has given you. I want to challenge you to give your time to serve Him and your financial gifts to honor Him, even now as we reminisce our years of high school.

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